Clean brushes!

People who are really into makeup understand the importance of cleaning your brushes regularly. I consider myself one of these people. I know washing my brushes will keep them in good working condition and, most importantly, keep my face free of nasty bacteria when I use them.

I know all this, and yet I haven’t washed any of my brushes in more than a few months. Gross.

In my defense, if you don’t have the proper cleaning tools, it can be a real hassle to get those brushes back to good-as-new. And when you live with three boys who like to yell, “You poopin’?!” every time someone goes into a bathroom, you really don’t want to take the time to do it.

I finally decided this week that I wouldn’t let myself put any makeup on (save mascara – I have super blonde eyelashes) until I washed my brushes. Since I have to go to church tomorrow and, according to the girl at Lush, I look like a six-foot-tall child when I go fresh-faced, I decided today would finally be the day.

You can’t see from this angle, but those babies were gettin’ real janky.

I took a cue from vlogger Secretlifeofabionerd and made my own brush cleaning board. I don’t own a clipboard, so I used the lid of a small Tupperware container instead.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to get the job done.

As it turns out, that was a genius move on my part because I could then use the actual container to mix my cleaning solution and soak my brushes!

Ya nahstee.

Ya nahstee.

I let the brushes soak for a while (about five minutes) and then took the whole operation over to the sink for some serious swirling.



After swirling one brush all over the glue until they left nothing but clear water, I rinsed and squeezed the bristles and set the brush on a paper towel, then rinsed the board and started the next brush.

So pretty and clean!

So pretty and clean!

And after letting them sit in the sun for a few hours, they’re ready for use tomorrow morning!


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