“Where have you been, Amelia?!”

I got home from a Mariners game (surprise, we lost to the Red Sox) last night at about midnight and realized – crap – that I didn’t post anything for the day. I really meant to! The day just kind of got away from me between dropping off a job application (a bookstore with cats – best of both worlds! Fingers crossed!!) and driving up to church to get ready for the game.

Oh. A bit of context might be nice. I’m the summer youth intern for my church, which is about a forty-minute drive from where I live down in Parklandia. Basically I do all the planning for the weekly youth group events and get everything ready for camp in August and help the children’s ministry director get everything ready for Vacation Bible School…which is next week. Yikes.

But that’s where I was yesterday.

Hair up. Glasses on. Kristian Bush playing in the background. Let’s get down to business.

Today I’m in the office at my campus job. I’m the director of the student-run design and advertising firm. The summer is spent poring over job applications (I currently have 15 people applying for one position, in addition to some of the other positions we need to fill. Pour the wine.) and getting the dorm – I’m sorry, residential hall – t-shirts designed for the fall. Since I only have one designer hired for the summer, I’m having to pick up the slack on one of the shirt designs.

Confession time: I do not consider myself a graphic designer.

I’m perfectly comfortable with the Adobe Suite. I spent most of high school making (mostly crappy) Dana Delany graphics on Tumblr when I should have been, I don’t know, reading the (mostly crappy) books that were required for my AP English classes (still got a 4 on each exam – suck it, college board). But as far as “original work” goes, I pretty much just draw cats.

And sometimes dinosaurs in rocket ships. Is that what a rocket ship looks like? Whatever.

So this will be interesting, to say the least.

The good news is that my art director is disgustingly talented. At everything. So I’m relying heavily on his opinion.

And now I’m off to look at more job applications. Wish me luck!


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