Sushi the Dancer, parte une.

This was literally half – HALF! – of what I ordered. I also got Chris rolls (avocado, yeahh) and a plate of beef teriyaki that I had one bite of. Not so good.

If you don’t know who Sushi the Dancer is, I highly suggest you watch Multiple Sarcasms as soon as possible. A B movie at best, but it has its moments.

Tonight my parents invited me to dinner in downtown Tacoma. They were going out for sushi, so I couldn’t say no.

We ended up at a little place called Fijiya on C Court, and even now I’m not sure how I feel about it. The sashimi and rolls were AWESOME. The miso soup was great. The tea was pretty good. My teriyaki was a little rare for even my taste and had more fat than I care for. Our waitress was a little obnoxious. One of the chefs came out with a complimentary plate, wished the table a happy birthday, and walked away (I’m pretty sure the plate was meant for the table next to us. Obnoxious waitress took it over to them promptly.). But their ginger was also delicious, so I guess I would go back for that.

I’m calling this entry “parte une” because tomorrow night I’m going out for sushi with my friend Cori before we go see our friend Frank in a play. Double sushi, yeah!


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