Sushi the Dancer, parte deux.

I have a dream that one day I will be served a tako taco. I think I saw that in a Hello Kitty Gameboy game or something.

My friend Cori and I went to Sushi Revolution for dinner last night and had an awesome time gossiping and catching up. And I got to eat tako! And I dipped an apple pie gyoza in my wasabi and soy because it wasn’t properly labeled. Oops. But I’m pretty sure the main thing people (or at least PLU theatre kids) go there for is the cream puffs – you know, the ones you can get by the metric ton at the Costco down the road.

After sushi, we went to Krispy Kreme to get hot donuts (SO GOOD) and ate them while we walked around the mall and checked out all the things we can’t afford until payday (I can’t buy gas or groceries or…anything that costs more than ten dollars, actually, until next Friday. Prayer circle.).

We headed downtown to see our friend, PLU alumn and former castmate Frank in a production of Neil Labute’s The Shape of Things. Awesome play. Frank nailed his role, as he tends to. Another alumn and my former director, Myia, stage managed. She has beautiful hair and a sparkling personality.

After the show ended and we got to chat a bit with our friends, we started the dive down Pac Ave back to Parklandia. It was on this journey, as our sushi ceased to satisfy, that Cori had a brilliant idea: Domino’s delivery. We got back to my place and ordered online. She got cheesy bread, I got a pasta bowl. I don’t think either have been so excited for crappy food while we were sober. It was awesome.

Today and early tomorrow morning, I’m putting together the finishing touches for my church’s/work’s Vacation Bible School program. You may recall me mentioning that the commute from my house to this church is about 40 minutes in good traffic (I had great traffic this morning, so I got there in 30 minutes. Party on!!). Lucky for me, my friends John and Dorsey have become like my other parents over the years, and they let me stay with them the week of VBS every year.

Love note to my housemates. We also adopted a no-pants policy last night: pants are optional but discouraged in the heat we’ve been having.

It’ll be my first time leading a preschool group. Fingers crossed! I don’t know how much I’ll be posting this week, but I’ll try to still post something every day!


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