Weekend in Summary: Sir Paul and the Tea Bag Nail Wrap

Man, this week has been crazy! I spent Monday through Friday at church as a preschool group leader for Vacation Bible School (who knew spending three hours with 18 preschoolers could be so draining?!) and on Wednesday ran a color battle (like a color run but just throwing the powder at each other) for the youth group.

Between helping with arts and crafts and wrangling the tiny humans (I’ve decided my official job title is Summer Cat Herder), my nails got pretty raggedy. I used this tutorial from Alle at xoVain to make tea bag nail wraps!

I got lazy and didn’t even bother painting over the wrap. Maybe I’ll start a trend.

Friday was incredible, though. My stepdad did a lot of business with Key Bank at his old job, so to celebrate his retirement they bought out a suite at Safeco Field for the Paul McCartney concert and my brother and I got to go!

Out There…in an hour of traffic on Edgar Martinez Drive. WHICH WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

It was an amazing show, not to mention the first rock show since the field was renovated. As much as I love bacon, I’m seriously considering going vegetarian again – I can’t believe Paul played for three hours straight and with so much energy! The guy’s 71 and in better shape than 20-year-old me. Hopefully he’ll stick around long enough that my biological dad (aka the guy who first taught me about music and gave me all my Beatles/Wings/Paul McCartney/John Lennon albums) and I can go see him on another tour.


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