Let’s go back to the beginning.

Hello there! As you may have noticed, I’ve been terrible at maintaining this blog and posting regularly. It seems like I’ve been using social media for so many years, but mainly in more micro forms: Twitter, Facebook, the more sharing/art-focused aspect of Tumblr.

So, to get myself into the mindset of more long-form blogging, I’ve enrolled in a Blogging 101 course which will force me to write every day. I find it’s easier for me to start out with given prompts, so hopefully this will give me the tools to branch out into writing about my own things!

To start: My name is Amelia Molly Heath. I’m a senior BFA Theatre major at Pacific Lutheran University with a concentration in Acting and Directing. I’ve created this blog as a component of my capstone project, to keep a public portfolio of my work and to document the projects I work on through the remainder of my college career and after.

As I continue to post, I hope to connect with other artists at different points in their careers to talk about how we are and aren’t being supported in our fields, and working to turn that around.


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