Sushi the Dancer, parte une.

This was literally half – HALF! – of what I ordered. I also got Chris rolls (avocado, yeahh) and a plate of beef teriyaki that I had one bite of. Not so good.

If you don’t know who Sushi the Dancer is, I highly suggest you watch Multiple Sarcasms as soon as possible. A B movie at best, but it has its moments.

Tonight my parents invited me to dinner in downtown Tacoma. They were going out for sushi, so I couldn’t say no.

We ended up at a little place called Fijiya on C Court, and even now I’m not sure how I feel about it. The sashimi and rolls were AWESOME. The miso soup was great. The tea was pretty good. My teriyaki was a little rare for even my taste and had more fat than I care for. Our waitress was a little obnoxious. One of the chefs came out with a complimentary plate, wished the table a happy birthday, and walked away (I’m pretty sure the plate was meant for the table next to us. Obnoxious waitress took it over to them promptly.). But their ginger was also delicious, so I guess I would go back for that.

I’m calling this entry “parte une” because tomorrow night I’m going out for sushi with my friend Cori before we go see our friend Frank in a play. Double sushi, yeah!


“Where have you been, Amelia?!”

I got home from a Mariners game (surprise, we lost to the Red Sox) last night at about midnight and realized – crap – that I didn’t post anything for the day. I really meant to! The day just kind of got away from me between dropping off a job application (a bookstore with cats – best of both worlds! Fingers crossed!!) and driving up to church to get ready for the game.

Oh. A bit of context might be nice. I’m the summer youth intern for my church, which is about a forty-minute drive from where I live down in Parklandia. Basically I do all the planning for the weekly youth group events and get everything ready for camp in August and help the children’s ministry director get everything ready for Vacation Bible School…which is next week. Yikes.

But that’s where I was yesterday.

Hair up. Glasses on. Kristian Bush playing in the background. Let’s get down to business.

Today I’m in the office at my campus job. I’m the director of the student-run design and advertising firm. The summer is spent poring over job applications (I currently have 15 people applying for one position, in addition to some of the other positions we need to fill. Pour the wine.) and getting the dorm – I’m sorry, residential hall – t-shirts designed for the fall. Since I only have one designer hired for the summer, I’m having to pick up the slack on one of the shirt designs.

Confession time: I do not consider myself a graphic designer.

I’m perfectly comfortable with the Adobe Suite. I spent most of high school making (mostly crappy) Dana Delany graphics on Tumblr when I should have been, I don’t know, reading the (mostly crappy) books that were required for my AP English classes (still got a 4 on each exam – suck it, college board). But as far as “original work” goes, I pretty much just draw cats.

And sometimes dinosaurs in rocket ships. Is that what a rocket ship looks like? Whatever.

So this will be interesting, to say the least.

The good news is that my art director is disgustingly talented. At everything. So I’m relying heavily on his opinion.

And now I’m off to look at more job applications. Wish me luck!

Ink on a pin: Fearlessness

ImageI honestly can’t think of a higher honor than someone having part of you become a permanent piece of them. That’s what happened when my friend Shannon got her first tattoo yesterday.

Shannon and I have known each other for going on eight years (wow I feel old saying that), and I consider her my sister. We bonded over our love for crime dramas and actresses Jorja Fox and Mariska Hargitay. Most Mariska fans know about her Joyful Heart Foundation, dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and child abuse heal and go on to become strong, successful members of society. A main theme of Joyful Heart is fearlessness – having the strength to speak out against abuse in even the most uncomfortable situations. Shannon got this tattoo as a reminder to always speak out, especially as she goes on to pursue a career in criminal justice.

And she got it in my handwriting.

Putting your handwriting permanently on someone’s skin is terrifying! I wanted to make sure she would have something beautiful on her wrist for the rest of her life. Over the few days before she went to the tattoo parlor, I sent her a few samples of my writing and let her tell me what she did and didn’t like about one sample or another (“Can you put the letters closer together?” “Can you make the ‘r’ a little sharper?” “The ‘f’ looked better in that last one.”)

Practice makes perfect. No, really – at twenty years old, I still practice my penmanship regularly. I’m also one of those people who’s really upset that elementary schools don’t require that kids learn cursive anymore.

Finally, we got it right. I only wish I could have flown to New York for the day to actually watch her get it done! Nonetheless, I still got pretty emotional when she sent me the picture (top). Hopefully we can be together when I get (one of) my (many planned) tattoo(s).

I went into Half Price Books to buy one book…

…And that’s the story of what happened to half my grocery money.

…And I came out with four.

Demonology is hands-down my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it three times, and today I started number four. I have my own hard-bound copy (the Tiffany blue cover with a package of Smarties), but I bought this one as a gift for someone. Hopefully it’ll tug at their heartstrings the way it does at mine.

Since I haven’t read anything else of Rick Moody, I bought Garden State (I’ve only seen the movie) and The Four Fingers of Death. I haven’t read any Palahniuk, either, and for some reason I decided Invisible Monsters would be the place to start.

I think I’ll post my thoughts on each of these books here after I read them. In the meantime, I want to know some of your favorite books!

What’s in my iTunes: An Awesome Wave (Alt-J)

ImageAfter six months of driving my grandparents’ van (read: murdermobile with no brakes/lights/fuel economy), I got my first car today (!!!). It’s a blue Toyota Yaris. I named her Virginia, after where she originally came from.

Meet Virginia.

This vehicle had a lot to offer me, especially compared to my previous ride. But I think the thing I was most excited about – aside from not feeling like every trip to the grocery store could be my last – was finally having an auxiliary jack so I can plug in my iPhone and jam to my own music.

An Awesome Wave by Alt-J was the perfect first album to listen to in Virginia. Complain as my fellow hipsters might that it’s overplayed on mainstream radio, it has a great summer vibe and was a wonderful way to test the bass in my car’s stereo. I can’t tell you how cool I feel cruising down I-5 in my heart-shaped sunnies.

Clean brushes!

People who are really into makeup understand the importance of cleaning your brushes regularly. I consider myself one of these people. I know washing my brushes will keep them in good working condition and, most importantly, keep my face free of nasty bacteria when I use them.

I know all this, and yet I haven’t washed any of my brushes in more than a few months. Gross.

In my defense, if you don’t have the proper cleaning tools, it can be a real hassle to get those brushes back to good-as-new. And when you live with three boys who like to yell, “You poopin’?!” every time someone goes into a bathroom, you really don’t want to take the time to do it.

I finally decided this week that I wouldn’t let myself put any makeup on (save mascara – I have super blonde eyelashes) until I washed my brushes. Since I have to go to church tomorrow and, according to the girl at Lush, I look like a six-foot-tall child when I go fresh-faced, I decided today would finally be the day.

You can’t see from this angle, but those babies were gettin’ real janky.

I took a cue from vlogger Secretlifeofabionerd and made my own brush cleaning board. I don’t own a clipboard, so I used the lid of a small Tupperware container instead.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to get the job done.

As it turns out, that was a genius move on my part because I could then use the actual container to mix my cleaning solution and soak my brushes!

Ya nahstee.

Ya nahstee.

I let the brushes soak for a while (about five minutes) and then took the whole operation over to the sink for some serious swirling.



After swirling one brush all over the glue until they left nothing but clear water, I rinsed and squeezed the bristles and set the brush on a paper towel, then rinsed the board and started the next brush.

So pretty and clean!

So pretty and clean!

And after letting them sit in the sun for a few hours, they’re ready for use tomorrow morning!

There’s something about a blog…

ImageI’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now. There’s something about a blog that other social media platforms can’t quite cater to, try as they might. I could go on for days about the shortcomings of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr – all outlets I use on a daily basis. They each have their own purpose, and for the most part they serve those  purposes well. I’m just looking to chronicle my mess of a life with a little more detail.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll find something in my journey that keeps you around. Let’s have fun.